Explaining to Austin

Ep 49 - Indie Sleaze and Culture Shi(f)ts (w/ Molly O’Brien)

May 13, 2022

Peyton interviews podcaster, music fan, cultural oracle, and online lady Molly O'Brien about the late 2000s trend now referred to as "Indie Sleaze." Combining the powers of a Millennial and a Gen-Z, Peyton and Molly get to the bottom of indie sleaze, its music, its clothes, its ethos, and if it is rising from its grave and bound for zombie like world domination in 2022 and beyond. This is one to blog about, folks!

A big thanks to Molly for being on the show. Check out her stuff, because it's good! Here are the links.

Molly's twitter: https://twitter.com/missmollymary

And Introducing: https://soundcloud.com/and-intro-pod

The Alternative: https://www.youtube.com/GetAlternative

Molly's blog: https://themollyzone.com/


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